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Toni Thorne

Toni Thorne

Newport News, VA


I was born in Topeka Kansas, My father was in the military. This factors in to why my artwork is so diverse. I lived several places in the U.S., overseas, & Canada. From a very young age I have always had a great interest in art. While attending intermediate school in the South Bronx, NY I elected to take a free art class offered to inner-city children who were interested. Later, I was accepted and became a Graduate in 1975, from the Fiorello LaGuadia High School of Music and Art. This being one of the most prestigious school in NewYork. I 've been a Professional Artist for over 30 years. I continue to do shows & win awards for my artwork. If you would like to purchase larger prints please contact me & I will make it possible for you to get the size whiich may be closer to the size that you need. Thank You for viewing my work. Your comments are welcome.
All work in this Gallery is the original work of Toni Thorne, it is for sale, copyrighted &, as such, is protected by US and international Copyright laws.
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The Journey


Another Day


Pathway to the Heavens


Smooth Jazz Set


Over the Moon and Back


Chief Rock Red Cherries


Seafood Feast 2


Blue Elegance


God's Creation


Pointe of Elegance


Africana 2013 Commerorative


Sweet Caress


Beach Ponies


Golden Blues #4


Our Precious Moment


Fun in the Sun


Passion of the Sea


Visionaries 4


Beach Front Property 2


Coastal Waters




Private Session


Sweet Whispers 1 print


Long Beach


Richard's Rose